Function EnableSwizzles

  • Enables Swizzle operations on Vec2, Vec3, and Vec4 types.

    Swizzle operations are performed by using the . operator in conjunction with any combination of between two to four component names, either from the set xyzw or rgbw (though not intermixed). They return a new vector with the same number of components as specified in the swizzle attribute.


    import { Vec3, EnableSwizzles } from 'gl-matrix';


    let v = new Vec3(0, 1, 2);

    v.yx // returns new Vec2(1, 0);
    v.xzy // returns new Vec3(0, 2, 1);
    v.zyxz // returns new Vec4(2, 1, 0, 2);

    v.rgb // returns new Vec3(0, 1, 2);
    v.rbg // returns new Vec3(0, 2, 1); // returns new Vec2(1, 1);

    Returns void

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